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Sports Massage





designed to 

help athletes

recover faster.


Sports Massage is ideal for athletes of all kinds and deals mainly with deep muscle tissue work, warming up and loosening fascia, and stretching specific areas as well as assisted movement, which is massage paired with the client engaging a specific muscle or muscle group.

Sports massage can enhance muscle recovery and stimulate a general sense of well-being. The goal of sports massage is to prepare the athlete for their best performance, minimize fatigue, and sooth muscle swelling and tension.

Sports massage improves circulation, calms heart rate, and serves to relieve muscle tension and reduce soreness, all while helping muscles recover faster. Relaxed muscles also experience an increase in range of motion and flexibility.

Sports massage may also help to prevent sports injuries because when the muscle is warmed up, lengthened and relaxed, it is less prone to tear. All of these effects are key to better sports performance!

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