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Russian Massage

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Russian Massage was created in Russia as a traditional and medicinal massage, and has been revered and practiced there for over a century. It utilizes various stages of stimulating the body in specific areas of the body, in a certain order.


Starting out on the back, light efflourage is used to move the lymphatic fluids, or lymph. This lymphatic fluid is responsible for moving toxins from the body, and are naturally pumped during exercise. More lymph is moved in one hour following and during a Russian massage than 24 hours of a regular lymph pattern.


What is lymphatic fluid?


It drains toxins, waste, and other unneeded substances from the body.

Lymphatic fluid is also responsible for pumping them out of your system.

From Wikipedia:


“The Lymphatic System is part of the circulatory system and a vital part of the immune system, comprising a network of lymphatic vessels that carry a clear fluid called lymph (from Latin lympha meaning water[1]) directionally towards the heart.”


Lymph contains infection fighting white blood cells, and follows a series of channels called lymphatic vessels, which empty into lymph nodes. The lymph nodes filter the fluid and it is returned to the blood.


What Happens in Russian Massage?


First the lymphatic fluid is gently guided toward the lymph nodes through light touch called efflourage. Next, wringing, or more firm pressure, (still lighter than an elbow or fist, but stronger than efflourage) is used.


The next technique is called pettrissage, which comes from the French word pétrissage, from pétrir ‘to knead’, and is used to bring blood flow to tissues. Following these three techniques comes friction, which introduces heat and circulation into the area.


Second to the last is vibration, which is the only massage technique which can reach to the bone.


Finally we finish the area with tapotement, which can be done in the form of cupping, slapping, or slight karate-chop like movements. Both vibration and tapotement are good for preventing or reversing atrophying muscles. This routine is repeated on each part of the body.

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