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It is not guesswork. Using kinesiology to locate specific emotions, I lead you through a verbal emotional release technique in which you acknowledge, approve, and release your emotion. Then I guide you in the next step, which is replacing it with a beneficial and love based affirmative believe, and I provide you with the exact affirmation needed for that emotion which will aid in freeing yourself from harmful thought patterns. 

Working from the meridian system of stored emotions, you are then instructed to pinpoint using touch, the cellular memory spot in which you need to facilitate healing and release. This can be done with or without essential oils, which simply complement the process and a deeper element of healing. These are called "alarm points" and I will refer to alarm points through-out the session, giving you a chance to gently massage the area as you speak the release.

During the process you may feel tired, you may cry, yawn, or laugh. These are all normal Somatic Meridan Responses (SMR). It is your body's way of processes the letting go of emotional baggage and weight. The flow of energy around you at that time is changing, thus the yawning is a good sign of shifting conciousness. 

You are here because you acknowledge the direct link between body, mind and spirit. 

I have developed a way to specifically pinpoint emotions that have become stuck within the cellular memory of your body, affecting your aura (energy), mindset, and life. 



Each session is likened unto peeling an onion. We start with the outermost layer, which is picked up by kinesiology, (also called muscle testing or dowsing).  As soon as you release that emotion, most often another one is able to be picked up. We keep working inwards until your emotional and spiritual body has reached the limit to what it can process and let go of in one session. At this point my muscle testing will not pick up any emotion. This is when we know the session is over. You may have another session as soon as you feel it is needed, as soon as one day later, more typically a week for less extreme cases. 

Each session comes with a special recommendation for 3 essences or more which I dowse specifically for you. They are not what I "think" is good for you; rather it is what comes up from the un-biased and very accurate muscle testing in which I say your name and ask which is the essence you need at this time. A strong muscle response confirms which one it is, and I compile a flower essence, a gem essence, and an angelic essence or you, links to order these three which will be emailed to you after your session. I can also dowse a specific pure essential oil for you that will help your unique emotional & spiritual unfoldment & healing. 

Pink Lotus Flower

I created this unique processes myself and it was out of necessity to help myself, friends and family. I am now offering it to you. Each session will usually span between 30 minutes and one hour. In this time, I will assist you in releasing as many layers of fear based beliefs that your emotional and physical body is able to work through and release within one session. We will also go through some inner child work if it seems like it would be helpful, and I will use kinesiology to find which flower, gem, and other energetic essences would be beneficial for you at this time. We will talk about positive affirmations and I will give you a list of the specific affirmations you should focus on to help replace the negative, trauma based beliefs and emotions that you release in the session. I look forward to working with you!

Ocean Rocks

B o o k   Y o u r   
E m o t i o n a l   R e l e a s e   S e s s i o n  

Poppy Front
Oriental Lotus
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Thank you for your interest in emotional wellness & growth, and for taking the time to invest in becoming your best, healed & most authentic self.  The goal of the Emotional Release session is to help you understand yourself more deeply, develop more self love and introspection, align more closely with your goals and nurture the inner self on the journey to awareness, empowerment and joy. Let's begin!


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