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Pre-Natal Massage


Prenatal Massage can be done after a woman is five or more months into her pregnancy. It is helpful in reducing stress hormones including cortisol, helping to relax the muscles, and even lower edema, which is the gathering of excess fluid in the body.

Swedish massage is generally performed as a prenatal massage, and the recipient lies on her side with pillows under her head and one between the legs. The pillows create a ‘hug’ that supports both neck and shoulder. Light to medium efflourage and gliding action is used to work the long muscles of the back, and only light pressure is used on feet and ankles. A wringing action feels refreshing on the legs, which can become achy and swollen with pregnancy.

Prenatal massage helps to stimulate tissues, reduce fluid retention in joints, and evidence suggest massage is a positive therapy for the baby as well.  Lower stress hormone levels may lead to fewer complications during birth for newborns. Regular therapeutic massage is a nurturing addition to other prenatal therapies.

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