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Massage for W e l l b e i n g
- Your Holistic Massage Destination -

Calm stress, lessen swelling and inflammation...

Relieve pain & achieve deep Zen calm @

Lotus Healing Massage & Wellness.


Massage is an amazing approach to total wellness for body, mind & spirit . It is unique in that it uses human touch to promote relaxation, work out tense muscles, and increase range of motion. 


Add Wellbeing to your life with Today with

Lotus Healing Massage & Wellness!


Relaxation and circulation


Deep Tissue

Improves range of motion

Russian Lymphatic Massage 


Used for detox, increasing lymphatic flow



Stimulates & Energizes 

Trigger point, Sports, Facial Massage,

Aromatherapy & More


Book today & Experience how Therapeutic Massage can change your life! 

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